An Alternative Snap-Shot of Common Core Standards

WIth all the recent talk about how the CCSS will move us away from fact-driven teaching, learning and testing, this article might give us pause to reconsider where we are heading.  Essentially, if the testing and assessments do not follow along with the new standards, we will find ourselves in the same spot we are currently in.  It is not encourageing to realize who is making the tests. Additionally, if the tests are too difficult, and the early indication is that they will be difficult, then students scores will plummet.  I think we all know who will be blamed if that happens. 

THe GFCCE Welcomes New Teachers to the District

The GFCCE would like to welcome the following teachers into the GJUHSD.  We wish them lots of luck and hope they are quick to fill out their membership applications. 


  • Gabi Radu (Math)
  • Melissa Ruble (Agriculture)



District Reorganization and Tier III Flexibility Transfers

The School Board recently approved the attached District reorganization plan at the May 14 school board meeting.  The Superintendent claimed it will only cost $29,000 from the general fund.  He is relying heavily on Program Improvement funds.  This growth in upper-level bureaucracy is a clear sign that the District has money.  However, wIll the Distirct now bring back all the services that have been cut over the last four years?  We are still not operating at the same capacity we were at before the economic crisis of the the last few years.  More disconcerting was the entire Board's silenc


Standardized Testing and Teacher Evaluation

The following blog post from a teacher about the link between student testing and teacher evaluations is poignant. 

May 14 Union Meeting

Please be sure to join us for the final union meeting of the year on May 14.  All committees will report out.